About Me

My name is Craig and I have been selling houses in this area for thirty years.

In that time, I have also got married and raised a family of my own. We have lived in this locality for more than forty years and I can truly claim to be a local!

With my wife Carole, we are a well-known family in the local area.

Carole has been a high school teacher for the last twenty years, meaning that she knows about a quarter of our clients in some respect or other – either as students or parents of students!

Carole is also prominent in the local church and an active member of the community, in many ways.

With our three sons, we have truly put down roots and made this town our home. This places me uniquely amongst a lot of other real estate agents, as someone who has an awful lot of lived experience.

I am not some young pup with zero life experience or somebody who has recently moved to the neighborhood, with little local knowledge.

And my local knowledge really is key when it comes to selling homes.

If you need to sell your home fast, I can do that. If you want to stick it out for the best price – well naturally, I can do that as well.

What I won’t do is mess you about or make you promises that I can’t keep.

If I think that the offer you have just been made is your best bet, then I will strongly advise that you take it.

To sell your house with me, contact me via the website today and I will be pleased to talk you through your options!