Exquisite Bars by the Pacific Palisades

If you have a taste for high quality concoctions you are in luck, as the Pacific Palisades has a varied selection of skilled barkeepsIf there is a place with more than tastes can require, that is the Pacific Palisades. Sunny beverages, with colored umbrellas and sweetness for the taste buds, or strong, smoky whiskies ordered by those searching for a more select experience can be found at any place in town…but where should you go for a more selective scene?

HQ Gastropub

As most pubs, this one offers not only the refreshments everyone seeks but also an ambiance of comfort and ease. All packed within the excellent services the personnel delivers, with tasty food and some excellent priced happy hours. The crowd is laid back and usually very chic. 


Wishing for a more intimate environment and a cozy surrounding? This place gives a perfect feeling of small and secluded, on waves of soft music

picked specifically by a hired DJ, all in all to make your date more comfortable. Top everything with exquisite cocktails offered as a pack in the happy hours time and you’re set for the night! During the night, ShoreBar turns into an upbeat nightclub where they are famous for their delicious punch bowl. So if you head over for a relaxing drink, make sure it is in the early evening, because by 10PM Shorebar becomes a vibrant lounge. 

1212 Santa Monica

No, not a telephone number, but a real name for one amazing place, that has clients eagerly trying to hide this gem, as to not become over

crowded. Starry interior design and the five star cooked meals provide all the fanciness one is looking for when deciding to spend the evening out. The quiet atmosphere allows for a romantic date night out. 

Rosenthal Wine and Bar Ratio

For those more sophisticated and in search for a quiet night, spent with friends and wine sipping, everything sided with matching cheese and a beautiful outdoor ambiance. Having a band that gives live performances from time to time just makes the place seem more authentic and the fact that you can actually bring outer food is a plus not many bars abide by.  

The Hideout

Romantic evenings can be spent in this little treasure, snuggled up in the peaceful and sweet atmosphere, enjoying a night of dancing and in-between drinks with the occasional chat with a local, as the place is quite popular among them.  

O’Brien’s Irish Pub

One can never pass on a traditional Irish pub that has the best ale in town and in some pretty large quantities too! And even if you’re not a big fan of original beer, the variety of cocktails is extraordinary and the pub is one of the best for its food. However, do n ote that the crowds can get rowdy as it is an Irish Pub. 

But for those who are not in search for a door to door night, seeking the best of the best, and want a luxurious pick and top notch services, hotel bars are always a good pick. Some of the best rated are: The Fairmont Miramar Hotel, The Huntley Hotel, Ocean View Hotel, Lowes Santa Monica Beach Hotel and JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Merigot. Elegant appearances, first level services and the fact that some of them don’t even require reservation, makes it all the more easy to decide on an avant-garde night.