It is always advisable for home sellers to prepare their homes for an inspection that can happen at any time. Home inspection paper is often being asked by a prospective buyer. This show how home inspection becomes an important factor in selling a house. The buyer can also obtain his own inspection. Even if you know that the buyer will do his own inspection, it is still better to be thoroughly prepared. 

  1. Clean the house. This is a very simple task yet most homeowners overlook this part. Inspectors are also human. They will appreciate it if they will see a house that is clean and organized.  You need to create a good impression to them by tidying your house.
  2. Turn On All the Utilities. The inspector needs to check if the appliances are working. Leave the utilities connected and ready for inspection. This includes air conditioning, dishwasher, stove and even the entertainment showcase. If there are no utilities, the inspector will reschedule the appointment and this will delay the sales of the house.  
  3. Ready the Attic and the Garage. The basement, attic, and garage are still part of the house. They are included on what the buyers will pay you for. Make sure that there is a path that will lead the inspector to these parts of the house. The basement should be clear from dripping water and unused boxes. Clean the attic for possible rodent droppings. Make sure that every corner of the house is free from spider webs. Spider webs send a wrong impression to the inspector.  
  4. Keep Documents as Proof of Repair. If you have something done to the house- you have something fixed or remodeled, keep the receipts or any document that can prove the repair. These documents might include all the invoices for the materials you used to remodel some parts of the house. It can also include the payroll for the people who made the repair. 
  5. Clear Your Lawn. If the inspection will happen in winter and your garden is covered with snow, you really don’t have to bother. However, on fine weather, you need to remove ugly weeds and dead tree branches in your yard. If necessary, trim the bushes. Take out the garbage cans away from the house.